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Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn

Technology and Capacity of Sahand in Ultra Weft Yarn Production

Sahand Carpet utilizes advanced technologies and high-quality raw materials to produce Sahand Ultra Weft Yarn. The company can produce 215 tons of Sahand Ultra Weft Yarn monthly and plans to increase this capacity. This yarn, known for its quality and unique characteristics, assists carpet manufacturers in producing high-quality and durable carpets.

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Monthly Weft Yarn Production Capacity
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Annual Weft Yarn Production Capacity

Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn is a high-strength and flexible yarn made from polypropylene. Produced using advanced technologies and high-quality raw materials, this yarn possesses unique mechanical properties and advantages, making it an ideal choice for producing machine-made carpets. The weft is a thread that, after each row is woven, is beaten down onto the woven row using a beater to secure the carpet continuously. In other words, the weft threads placed vertically across the width of the carpet are the weft threads.

Sahand Carpet, with the production of new polypropylene yarns, has revolutionized the machine-woven carpet industry. These yarns exhibit significant differences in quality and mechanical properties compared to other yarns, positioning them among the pioneers in Iran and worldwide. The new Sahand yarns have high strength and durability, offering resistance against wear, tension, and other damages. They also feature high density, low deformation, and a low friction coefficient, resulting in carpets produced with these yarns being dense, sturdy, well-formed, and soft.

Sahand Carpet manages the entire process of producing its yarns, from the first stage when polypropylene granules enter the production line until the final stage when high-quality polypropylene yarns are produced. All stages are carried out by specialists and experts at Sahand Carpet, ensuring that Sahand yarns meet high standards and quality.

The production of new polypropylene yarns by Sahand Carpet marks a milestone in the Iranian machine-woven carpet industry. These yarns can assist carpet manufacturers in producing higher-quality and more durable carpets.

Sahand Carpet Company produces two types of weft yarn: jute and Ultra Weft yarn.

Features and Advantages of Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn

High Durability and Strength

Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn is characterized by high strength and durability, demonstrating excellent resistance against wear, tension, and other forms of damage.

High Flexibility

The yarn possesses high flexibility and is resistant to pressure and tension.


Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn is recyclable, making carpets produced with it environmentally friendly.

High compression

Sahand yarns are highly compressed, resulting in carpets produced with these yarns being sturdy.

Low Deformation

These yarns resist deformation, helping carpets maintain their shape and appearance over time.

Low Friction Coefficient

Sahand yarns have a low friction coefficient, resulting in soft and comfortable carpets.


Polypropylene fibers in Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarn are free from fine particles, making them suitable for individuals with allergies.

Easy to Clean

Polypropylene carpets resist cleaning agents and dry quickly after washing.

Lower Price

Sahand’s Ultra Weft Yarns are produced using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, making them more affordable.

Low Moisture Absorption

High-quality polypropylene fibers exhibit lower moisture absorption, making them suitable for various environments.