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Simple Tips for Carpet Maintenance

A furnished living room with a carpet

The secret to preserving color and softness Choosing the right carpet for interior decoration is just the beginning. To ensure that your beautiful rugs and carpets shine for years, it’s essential to be familiar with maintenance principles. Our experts recommend a few simple tips to help maintain the quality of your carpets. Rotate Periodically: Weather […]

Top 10 Misconceptions About Carpets That Need to Be Discarded!

Several rolled-up handwoven and machine-made carpets

Carpets are the most beautiful and simplest way to decorate a home. However, several misconceptions about carpets have turned into myths over time. The time has come to dispel these myths! Myth 1: Carpets and rugs should be chosen after selecting other decorative elements. Reality: Always start from the floor. Planning is crucial for an […]

Comprehensive Guide to How to Buy a Carpet

Several handwoven and machine-made carpets

A Suitable Rug for a Beautiful Home Among the decorative elements of a home, few things can effortlessly bring coordination, elegance, and a sense of unity to a space like a beautiful carpet. However, finding the ideal carpet comes with its limitations and challenges. Numerous factors exist, from size and material to style and production […]