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Top 10 Misconceptions About Carpets That Need to Be Discarded!

Sahand Carpets
Sahand Carpets

Carpets are the most beautiful and simplest way to decorate a home. However, several misconceptions about carpets have turned into myths over time. The time has come to dispel these myths!

Myth 1: Carpets and rugs should be chosen after selecting other decorative elements.
Reality: Always start from the floor. Planning is crucial for an organized and appealing decoration, and a carpet forms the foundation of it. Once you’ve chosen your carpet or rug, you can quickly build your decor around it. Therefore, selecting a carpet is recommended before anything else.

Myth 2: All types of carpet construction are the same.
Reality: There are various types of carpets with different constructions. Each carpet or rug is crafted to suit a space based on its construction. It ranges from hand-tufted to hand-knotted, flat weaves to hand-loomed. Before selecting a carpet, learn more about the weaving techniques.

Myth 3: Carpets and rugs are only for aesthetics.
Reality: While carpets and rugs are recognized for enhancing the appearance of a place, they serve more than just visual appeal. Through their style and production, carpets can instantly change the atmosphere of a space. For instance, a wool or shag carpet can create warmth in winter and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. Carpets also prevent excessive floor and footwear, increasing friction and reducing the risk of slipping.

A red carpet in an outdoor space

Myth 4: Carpets are only suitable for specific spaces.
Reality: Absolutely not! In modern living, carpets can be placed in any part of the house—living rooms, bedrooms, connecting spaces, or even entryways. A carpet can bring any part of the house to life and give it a distinctive touch. Many people even prefer having carpets in outdoor spaces. Even your kitchen and dining areas can have excellent carpets.

Myth 5: Multiple rugs in the same space need the same design.
Reality: Never. You can create unique decorative styles in a space using different carpets with various patterns. Choose various colors, maintain simplicity, or combine both to create a contrasting appearance. For example, a Persian palmette flower rug in the center of your living room, surrounded by plain carpets, can make a special prominence. The idea is to use your imagination and shape your space with diverse carpet designs.

Myth 6: Carpets and rugs are not suitable for summer.
Reality: Indeed, carpets were traditionally made mostly from warm wool for winter. However, with the advancement of the carpet industry, new designs are now crafted with various materials not limited to winter. You can use carpets made of natural fibers like cotton, jute, or hemp. Alternatively, machine-made carpets with polypropylene fibers are suitable for all styles.

A child and a dog are playing on a carpet

Myth 7: Carpets don’t go well with pets.
Reality: If you love pets and want a beautiful carpet, worry not! You can comfortably have carpets in your home. Just make sure to use handwoven carpets or new machine-made carpets with stain-resistant and hypoallergenic polypropylene fibers, which are more durable and easier to clean.

A carpet with rubber padding

Myth 8: A non-slip pad for carpets is not necessary.
Reality: A carpet pad extends the life of the carpet. Pads prevent fibers from crushing and create a space between the floor and the carpet. They also keep the carpet in place by preventing slipping and sliding. Smooth and lightweight weaves move more easily, and a good pad acts as a stabilizer. Additionally, a pad gives the carpet more softness and a better feel underfoot. Vacuuming a carpet with an underlay is also easier.

Myth 9: Vacuuming is not necessary.
Reality: Dust is everywhere, and only vacuuming can reduce it. In addition to a vacuum cleaner, quickly cleaning spots with an absorbent cloth or blotting moisture with an absorbent paper helps prolong the carpet’s life.

Myth 10: The abrash effect is a flaw in the rug!
Reality: Looking at a handwoven carpet is like admiring a painting. There is no flaw; it’s an artistic interpretation. Color variations on carpets result from different dyeing techniques, showing differences in color shades. In fact, in some cases, color variations indicate the authenticity of a handwoven carpet. These variations may become more visible over time, as they are part of the natural aging process of the carpet. Sometimes, these variations are intentionally created to give the carpet an artistic and vintage look. So, there’s really nothing to worry about!

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