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“Sahand Carpet Company” is one of the pioneers in the machine-made carpet industry in Iran, with over thirty years of experience in the production and supply of various machine-made carpets and their raw materials. The company was established in 1993 to produce high-quality products in line with international standards, and a special focus on consumer health. Sahand Carpet is among the first manufacturers of machine-made carpets with polypropylene fibers in Iran, bringing about significant changes in its production cycle. Polypropylene fibers, compared to other fibers used in machine-made carpets, offer advantages such as high resistance, affordable prices, and environmental compatibility.
Currently, Sahand Carpet produces and offers more than 18,000 patterns, designs, and colors of machine-made carpets in various dimensions and applications. These products, produced in compliance with scientific production standards and national and international standards, have gained popularity among domestic and international consumers due to the presentation of the most beautiful traditional and modern colors and designs. In pursuit of its goals, Sahand Carpet has always focused on innovation and improving the quality of its products. In recent years, the company has successfully developed new products such as allergy-resistant carpets and stain-resistant carpets, as well as polypropylene yarns such as Faratar (Warp) and Farapoud (Weft). Sahand Carpet currently has direct and indirect sales in over 90% of cities in Iran. The company also exports its products worldwide. Relying on its knowledge and experience, Sahand Carpet is committed to delivering quality products to the market and contributing to the development of the carpet industry by producing carpets and raw materials.

Sahand Carpet, a leader in the Iranian machine-made carpet industry, aims to become one of the top brands in the world. The company strives to introduce high-quality and standardized products to the market and expand its development by gaining customer satisfaction worldwide.

The mission of Sahand Carpet Company is to produce and supply high-quality machine-made carpet products in line with international standards, with special attention to consumer health.


Producing high-quality products and meeting international standards are among the most important values of Sahand Carpet.


Using quality fibers and paying special attention to consumer health are other significant values of the company.


Innovation and improving product quality are additional values of Sahand Carpet.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an important value for the company.