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Carpets and rugs have become popular in modern homes. Not only do carpets add to the interior beauty of a home, but they also provide a sense of comfort when walking. Carpets and rugs come in various combinations of colors and styles. Additionally, they have a positive impact on your guests. The durability of a carpet depends on how it is maintained. If you take care of carpets properly, they will last longer. Many factors can damage carpets. In this article, we will examine some of the most common factors that cause damage to carpets.
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Moisture and Water

Water is used to clean carpets, but it can also damage them. Continuous moisture or prolonged exposure to water can damage the underlying fibers of the carpet by causing them to rot. To prevent damage, carpets should be completely dried in the air so that no moisture remains.
Possible reasons for carpet damage due to moisture and water:

  • Placing flower pots directly on the carpet can cause the carpet to absorb moisture, gradually damaging it.
  • Placing carpets near items that may leak, such as washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, etc., can expose the carpet to moisture and water.
  • Placing carpets near windows and leaving them open during the rainy season.
  • If you place the carpet on damp ground, it will absorb moisture over time, causing the fibers of the carpet to start decomposing. This makes the carpet stiff and no longer flexible. This condition of stiffening carpets is known as “dry rot.” If you do not take immediate action in such conditions, your carpet will be completely damaged.


Insects are one of the common factors that damage textiles and carpets. Among the most common of these insects are carpet beetles and carpet moths. If you see moths flying in your room, it’s best to check your drawers and closets. Carpet moths are dark, small insects, black or brownish-red, that originate from larvae feeding on fibers and wool.

It is the larvae of carpet beetles and moths that damage the carpet, not the beetles and moths themselves. These insects lay their eggs on natural fibers such as silk, wool, feathers, hair, leather, etc. When the larvae hatch, they are hungry and quickly need food. They start eating the fibers, causing considerable damage to your carpet. This damage is often repairable. However, the cost of repair increases with further damage.

UV Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the factors that can damage carpets and rugs. The colors of carpets soften over time when exposed to intense light. However, intense light does not cause carpet fading. If the carpets are made of inexpensive colors, they may fade when exposed to sunlight. So what is the solution? If your house receives direct sunlight for a long time, there is a possibility of damage to the carpets. To reduce this damage, you can use UV protective film or replace window glasses with UV protective panels. Additionally, you can use thin curtains to reduce the intensity of incoming light.

Common Spills

If something spills on the carpet, you should act immediately; otherwise, the spilled liquid will penetrate deep into the carpet, and cleaning it will require more effort. The best way to clean spilled liquids is spot cleaning with a dry cloth. You can also use paper towels instead of a dry cloth. Clean your carpet with the best method for removing stains and spills. You can use any type of cleaner for cleaning. However, make sure it does not damage the color of the carpet. To test this, apply some cleaner to a part of the carpet that is not visible. If the cleaner does not damage the color of the carpet, you can use it.