Sahand Carpets

Worst enemies of the carpet

Carpets and rugs have become popular in modern homes. Not only do carpets add to the interior beauty of a home, but they also provide a sense of comfort when walking. Carpets and rugs come in various combinations of colors and styles. Additionally, they have a positive impact on your guests. The durability of a […]

Recycling Carpet Waste

1. Carpets and the Environment: A Challenge and an Opportunity Machine-made carpets are among the most popular floor coverings in homes and offices worldwide, including in Iran. In Britain, over 58% of floor coverings consist of carpets. However, the production, installation, and use of carpets are accompanied by the generation of significant waste. This waste […]

How to Style Carpets to Make a Room Look Bigger

How to Style Carpets to Make a Room Look Bigger Rugs and carpets in the interior design of many homes are often considered secondary elements and frequently lead to two common mistakes in interior decoration: The rug chosen for the space is either too small or too large. The rug is not properly placed in […]

Choosing a Rug for a Child’s Room

Decorating a child’s room can be fun, but the countless options available can be overwhelming. To navigate the endless world of children’s room rugs, here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing the ideal rug for your little one’s bedroom. Appropriate Size: The first important point is selecting the right size. Children usually have small beds, but […]

Reducing Static Electricity in Carpets

Static electricity has been known since ancient times, but its scientific understanding emerged with the discovery of electrons. Modern polymer materials in shoes and carpets have exacerbated static electricity issues. Shocks resulting from this phenomenon when touching metal objects due to accumulated voltage (sometimes up to tens of thousands of volts) are common. Despite extensive […]

Comprehensive Guide to How to Buy a Carpet

Several handwoven and machine-made carpets

A Suitable Rug for a Beautiful Home Among the decorative elements of a home, few things can effortlessly bring coordination, elegance, and a sense of unity to a space like a beautiful carpet. However, finding the ideal carpet comes with its limitations and challenges. Numerous factors exist, from size and material to style and production […]

Carpets and an Environmental Perspective

With the industrialization of carpet weaving and the increase in the number of machine-made carpet factories and handwoven carpet workshops, it may be necessary to look at this industry’s environmental impacts. Industrialization has drawn the attention of many environmental activists because, without proper adherence to environmental principles and regulations, these factories can pose risks and […]

Carpet Placement Rules

The carpet, one of the most essential decorations in every Iranian home, shapes the space and gives it a soul. One of the common areas for improvement in the decoration of most Iranian homes is not observing the rules of carpet placement and choosing an inappropriate carpet that does not harmonize with the interior decoration […]

Types of Carpeting: Machine-Made and Handwoven

We all know how crucial carpets and floor coverings are for Iranian homes. The flooring in our homes is typically covered with either moquette or carpets. However, Iranian carpets come in various types, and in this article, we will introduce you to the different kinds of machine-made and handwoven carpets. Moquette, the Most Affordable Flooring: […]