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Five Colors to Consider When Redecorating

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When redecorating your home, you’re faced with a world of possibilities. Some of you may have planned for months (or even years!) on the new color scheme, while others may have simply moved into a new house and want to start fresh. It’s easy to go for the safe option of cream carpets and beige walls – which are fine in their way but lack a certain something.

Here are a few suggestions for colors that are often overlooked but can give your home a fantastic look:

1. Yellow

Where? Hallway, Landing, Front Room


Yellow has been a subject of much debate. On one hand, it’s associated with good things like sunlight, joy, optimism, and energy. On the other hand, some think using yellow can be overbearing. While this might be true for most bold colors, using a little yellow generally helps brighten up a space, and since it’s highly reflective, it literally lights up the room!

Using it in smaller spaces like hallways and foyers prevents eye strain and still allows you to enjoy its positive qualities.

Accents and Complimentary Colours: Gray, White, Black

2. Teal

Where? Bathrooms, Home Offices, Offices


Product colors can help sell them better. Toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, medical latex gloves… all fitting on that same blue-green color spectrum. Why? Cleanliness.

Blue-green colors, like teal (aka aquamarine, turquoise, or cyan) speak of health, air, and freshness – all things you want your bathroom to encompass!

This color can also work for office spaces. These refreshing hues can calm your mind and prepare you for work.

Accents and Complimentary Colours: White, Grey, Yellow

3. Red

Where? Living Room, Dining Room


When guiding people into your living room, the first impression you want to create is one of hospitality and comfort. This can be achieved in various ways, but warmth always wins, and red is the king of warm colors.

The psychological associations we have with the color red have been extensively described and almost always come back to warmth, attractiveness, and excitement. So lay down that red carpet for your guests!

For the dining room, the psychology of this color is equally powerful. Red is a color commonly associated with rich flavors. Assuming you’re a meat eater, red should make your lips smack together. Let’s not forget cherries, apples, and strawberries, they all fit into this palette! The first bite is taken with the eyes, and a combination of red turns it into a delightful feast!

Accents and Complimentary Colours: Green, Black, Gold, Cream

4. Brown

Where? Bedroom, Living Room


Brown is the color of nature; autumn leaves, tree bark, soil, they’re all brown.

Brown, like red, can evoke a sense of warmth, but it’s more subtle. Plus, all shades of brown go well together. Creamy brown alongside dark chocolate? Excellent. Fiery red next to ruby red? Not so great.

These natural tones in the bedroom and living room create a feeling of calm and tranquility – just what you need after a hard day.

Accents and Complimentary Colours: Cream, White, Lighter/Darker Brown

5. Black

Where? Bathroom, Hallway, Living Room


Black is often used as an accent color in most rooms, but using it as the main color isn’t common. To make sure your black décor doesn’t absorb all the light, you need a relatively airy space, but when used correctly, the color black adds a classic elegance to a room.

Using it in the bathroom has two very desirable effects – firstly, by combining black and white, you can create a high-contrast space that makes certain items or areas stand out prominently.

On the other hand, you can opt for darker tiles for the majority of the room. Perhaps it’s better to use slate gray instead of true black. This can turn an ordinary bathroom into something modern, clean, and incredibly stylish.

Accents and Complimentary Colours: Gray, White, Silver, Copper