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Bought a rug that’s the wrong size?

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Don’t worry, there’s a solution!

This happens to many people. You lay out a rug you think is perfect, only to realize it doesn’t fit the space. Maybe you received the rug as a gift, brought it from your old home to your new one, or ordered the wrong size. It’s okay; these things happen! In this guide, we’ll help you find a solution and create a beautiful, comfortable space that gives you the warm feeling of home.

If you can, return it and get the right size

The best thing to do is return the rug and get the correct size. If returning it is an option, it’s worth it. Having a carpet that fits your space ideally is worth the effort.

 Layer it over or under another rug

Layering rugs is a popular interior design method. This adds texture and visual interest to your space! It’s also an excellent solution for using smaller rugs in larger areas. Layering patterned small rugs over plain larger ones is very popular, but other ways exist.

Lay the rug in another room

It doesn’t seem ideal because many design their home decor around a specific rug. But hold on a bit! Check out the rugs in your home and see if they can be swapped in size and design. You might be surprised and like the result more than the original plan.

Combine that rug with another rug

This method is different from layering rugs. In this approach, you use two smaller rugs side by side or close together in one room. This works great for large or open-plan spaces and helps define different areas. It’s also suitable for using rugs that are too small for other rooms.

What not to do

Now that you’ve learned some solutions for a rug that’s the wrong size, here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t cut the rug yourself:If you think you can cut it with scissors, don’t do it! The cut edges will look bad, and it might unravel depending on the rug’s weave. If you want to resize the carpet, have a professional do it to trim and adequately finish the edges.
  • Don’t fold it and push it against the wall: If the rug is too large, don’t try to fit it into the space by pushing it against the wall! This can damage the carpet and cause it to become permanently wavy or crooked.
  • Don’t clutter it with furniture: This will make the room look smaller and give a feeling of suffocation. You should always use the space in your home wisely!