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Carpet 147 from Sahand’s Boustan Collection

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Sahand Carpets

Carpet 147 from Sahand, with its unparalleled beauty in a 700-reed carpet

Sahand Carpets is one of the reputable and well-known brands in the machine-made carpet industry, having gained customer satisfaction by producing quality and diverse products. Sahand Carpets offers a wide range of carpets encompassing various styles and uses. Sahand carpets are produced in more than 18,000 different designs and patterns. These designs range from traditional Iranian patterns to modern and contemporary designs. Additionally, Sahand Company provides the possibility of producing custom carpets for its customers. Customers can order the design and pattern of the carpet according to their tastes and needs.
In this post, we introduce one of the popular products of Sahand Carpet, namely Carpet 147 from the Boustan Collection.

Product Features:

  • Pattern: Nomadic
  • Reed Density: 700
  • Weft Density: 1400
  • Pile Height: 8 millimeters
  • Color Options: Four colors
  • Dimensions: Full size from small to 12 meters

Carpet 147 from the Boustan Collection by Sahand is produced in various color schemes that match different tastes and can be selected based on the home decor.

This carpet is made from high-quality and durable polypropylene yarns. Sahand’s superior yarns and wefts make this carpet ideally thick and ensure long-term durability and longevity.
Carpet 147 from the Boustan Collection is one of the high-quality and popular products of Sahand Carpet. This carpet can complement any decor with its beautiful design and diverse color options. If you are looking for a high-quality carpet at an affordable price, Carpet 147 from the Boustan Collection can be a suitable option.

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